Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginners Guide to Survival Communications

Radio Free Earth
3rd Edition
378 Print Pages
Marshall Masters, Author
Duane W. Brayton, Co-Author

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Analog RF is the Heartbeat of Freedom – Accept No Substitutes

Radio Free Earth shows you how to select and use a wide range of affordable consumer and amateur two-way radios for long-range and short-range communications.

Written for non-technical readers, it demystifies the world of amateur radio with simplified, building-block explanations. Ideal for survivalists and hobbyists alike, it reduces months of personal study down to a matter of days. Topics include:

  • Radio basics such as frequencies and desirable features
  • Long-range and short-range communication strategies
  • Choosing the right radio for any survival mission
  • Shopping for affordable and reliable radios and equipment
  • Protecting your radios from artificial and natural events

When you finish this book, you will know where to begin, what to buy, when to buy it, and who uses it – fast!